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Which is the best lawn mower with bag? That’s a question which any homeowners ask when they need to buy a new mower. A question like this needs that particular information is gathered to known the best lawn mower for your case.

For instance, how big is the lawn? How often do you need to cut it? Does it involve only grass – no weeds or cutting-challenging plants? Can you store gas safely? How much room do you need to store a lawnmower?

10 Best Lawn Mower with Bag Reviews

You see, there are hundreds of best lawn mower with bag out there. However, you can limit your option to just several chosen models. Take a look at our comparison table of the best lawn mower with bag around.

Model Dimensions Weight Type Price
Poulan Pro 961320098 Bag 3-in-1 Wheel Push Mower 35 x 24.2 x 17.8 inches 69 pounds Gas Powered View on Amazon
Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower 36 x 16 x 38.5 inches 28 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower 26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches 56 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
GreenWorks 25142 Corded Lawn Mower 28.4 x 15.8 x 20.3 inches 43.5 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches 32 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
GreenWorks 25112 Corded Lawn Mower 31.5 x 17.2 x 23.2 inches 53.1 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Gas Mower 62 x 38.2 x 23 inches 84 pounds Gas Powered View on Amazon
Greenworks 25052 Reel Lawn Mower 22 x 47 x 29.8 inches 26 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V Cordless Lawn Mower 48.4 x 17.1 x 42.9 inches 33 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
Greenworks PRO GLM801602 Cordless Lawn Mower 32.3 x 18.2 x 20.4 inches 74.1 pounds Electric Powered View on Amazon
  1. Poulan Pro 961320098 Bag 3-in-1 Wheel Push Mower– Lightweight Pick

Did you know that this lawn mower by Poulan will surely offer you enough power relative to its size? On paper, it features all the earmarks of a hard-to-beat value offer. This best lawn mower with bag must be far simpler to use compared to its actual performance. You see, the ReadyStart ignition system come across a manufacturer-inspected and correctly assembled unit along with every part in sufficient working order.

This is made along with a 21 inches cutting deck and is built to let the mower to have an entire longer life while being able to present you with a lawn which looks like an expert managed it.


  • It starts reliably and easily
  • Easy and light to maneuver
  • Does a superb job on mulching grasses
  • Effortless agility
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Decent power for mid-sized and small-sized lawns


  • The price is a bit costly
  • No side dischargeable is accessible

To sum up, Poulan Pro is a good lawnmower that offers a 2-year warranty. With this type of power, you will be able to select whether you want to discharge, bag or mulch your clipping without requiring any other tools to change among the three.

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  1. Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower– Most Affordable Pick

The Sun Joe MJ401E is a 14 inches 12-amp lawn mower with bag which is made to offer small yards an ideal shape. It is a small mower, but it comes with many decent features like grass catches among other niceties which make it tough to pass by as you search around for a small lawn mower.

On the amp motor of sun joe, which to us, is a strong motor for a small mower. We have seen this caliber of motors on twenty inches deck. For a mower, this small, a 12 amps motor does as being too powerful. Nevertheless, it is a guarantee that it won’t disappoint when we talk about raw power output.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Very simple to use
  • It has a powerful motor
  • Features two years warranty
  • Intended for small years and will work correctly for that circumstance


  • Because of the big powerful motor, you’ll require a quality extension cord that will cost you more
  • It’s small so won’t be recommended for a big yard.

If you are in search of a cheap mower to keep your yard, this one must surely be a contender — ideal for the small, flat lawn. Sun Joe is no doubt simple to use. Plus, its reliable, cheap, and no frills mowing concludes this model up.

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  1. Greenworks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower– Top Selling Electric Mower

The Greenworks 25022 is an electric-powered lawn mower with bag along with 21 inches wide cutting deck. That width is considered larger compared to what’s accessible on most similarly priced electric mowers. It covers 12 amps engine which powers an excellent 20-inch steel deck.

You see, this lawn mower is simple to push and has an extremely functional, ergonomic design which makes it a breeze to move in spite of the cord which we are still getting used we. What we love about this product is that the back and front wheels roll over easily. What’s more, the 3-in-1 feature of the mower enables grass to be kept in its rear bag.


  • One lever to adjust the height of all four wheels
  • Not bulky and stores easily due to compactness
  • Simple to adjust the height
  • Mulches store grass in the rear bag
  • Quiet engine which generates no toxic carbon emissions into the air
  • Big, solid cutting deck
  • A generous amount of engine power


  • The power cord limits the mower
  • It might get bogged down on those taller grass
  • The whole construction of the lawn mower isn’t completely durable
  • It can have issues with tough types of grass

To conclude, we can tell that this mower is built for yards and lawns which have small to medium sizes. That makes it perfect for the average homeowner’s lawn.

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  1. GreenWorks 25142 Corded Lawn Mower – Ideal for Smaller Lawns

Along with 16 inches cutting deck, this lawn mower with bag is intended towards users who have small lawns and want a mower for regular weekend lawn care. Designed at properties with reasonably sized lawns, this is a lightweight option for a light work.

When we tested this mower, we noticed that in spite of the cutting area and the actual size, it could work almost as well as a smaller gas-powered lawn mower. However, the only problem we’ve experienced is when we run this to longer grass. Still, for a good maintenance, this is a better option. A perfect lawn size for this lawn mower would be at least 4,000 square feet or small.


  • Good construction for a tool which is mainly made from hard plastics
  • Corded power means stable power delivery
  • Good range of height adjustment
  • Good cutting performance on small lawns


  • Being an electric-powered mower, it does not perform in wet or damp conditions
  • No power extension might be noticed as cons by some prospect buyers
  • It’s too small for small and mid-sized lawns

Therefore, if you don’t require tremendous performance, and you also don’t prefer to deal with a gas lawn mower, then you are placed perfectly within the target market for the GreenWorks corded lawn mower 25142 model.

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  1. Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower – The Famous Lil’Mo

On the fifth list of the best lawn mower with bag review is the Worx WG775 Cordless Lawn Mower. This is a cordless one which is perfect for small yards. Because of its 14 inches cutting width and small size, it has gotten the name “lil’mo.” Its battery pack is detachable and can be charged separately from the mower. Select to either discharge, bag or mulch the clippings to the rear.

Since this lawnmower weighs 33 pounds only, it’s very simple to handle. As we tested it, we can push this lawn mower with bag steep inclines without breaking any swear. However, we wish the wheels were a bit bigger to make it even simpler to maneuver and push. What we liked about this item is that the handle could be adjusted. This can be done with no tools and takes several seconds.


  • Added convenience and comfort
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Detachable battery
  • Electric powered
  • Lightweight and small


  • Can’t be utilized in bigger areas
  • Continuous height adjustment is very stressing
  • Might take more than one pass to mow some regions

We can conclude that the Lil’Mo is perfect lawnmower with small yards. It’s very maneuverable and very light. You can recharge your battery every after use; although it’s not empty. Doing that will guarantee you have a complete charge the next time you want to mow the lawn. Throughout the winter, you can charge it every second month to ensure the lifespan of your battery.

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  1. GreenWorks 25112 Corded Lawn Mower – Lean Green Mowing Machine

Another product review of the best lawn mower with a bag under GreenWorks is the 25112 Corded Lawn Mower. This product is a 21 inches electric lawn mower which is getting rare reviews. We considered this a new-age machine which operates a strong electric motor of 13 amps. Along with a solid 21 inches steel deck, it acquires a great grassing cutting ability.

What’s more, it’s very sleek, foldable, versatile and capable of side discharges, mulching, or rear bagging. It’s very simple to maneuver because it comes along with strategically aligned ten inches back wheels and seven inches front wheels. The only negative thing we found about this lawn mower with the bag is that it needs to the user to take mindfulness of how the cord is managed. That’s because the length of the cable is contrariwise proportional to the gauge.


  • It doesn’t feature any complex parts or the assortments of bolts and screws, making it simple to use
  • It has seven various heights that provide wonderful mowing height adjustment
  • You can easily configure based on the height of the grass, topographical conditions and the presence of thatch
  • It’s effortless to push
  • Easy to initiate and starts immediately
  • There’s no dealing with pull-cords, tune-ups, oil and gas
  • The wheels are big for a smoother cut


  • For safety concerns, the shipment is made before the blades are entirely sharpened
  • Needs the user to take note of how the cord is managed
  • A bit heavier compared to other
  • It’s not as powerful as some gas lawn mowers

Thus, we recommend this lawn mower with a bag. The bottom line is that this mower can cuts grass very well, even those tall grass. You can depend on it often slowing down a tad every time dealing with mulching tasks. And be sure to keep your cord out of the way.

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  1. Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Gas Mower – A Reliable Lawn Mower to Keep

A solid option for those homeowners who want a dependable gas lawn mower to keep their yard in top shape. This lawn mower with a bag from Honda provides continuous performance and engine power. What we loved reviewing this product is that it has a larger bag capacity compared to other models. It simplifies its maintenance well.

Nevertheless, one of the features which we aren’t much satisfied with it is its noise level, enough to annoy the neighbors. Further, it needs more than one attempt to initiate the mower. You need to be attentive about cleaning it as well. In spite of its lack of substantial features, Honda HRR is still one of the best mowers available in the market. Compared to most other models, it provides six different cutting levels and enables you to adjust the mower to any grass height you want.


  • Affordable price
  • Larger bag capacity than standard
  • Compact and lightweight mower
  • Comfortable handling


  • Doesn’t provide quick-wash port
  • Features 4-level adjustment
  • Higher noise level

We recommend using Honda HRR because the handle is very comfortable and maneuverable to utilize. What’s more, it’s well safeguarded every time any jolts take place. The model is quite low and lightweight. Even if you aren’t very strong or tall, you will have no hard time employing it. Did we mention that its engine is a bit small but strong enough?

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  1. Greenworks 25052 Reel Lawn Mower – Solid Manual Reel Mower

In case didn’t know yet, the Greenworks 25052 is a reel lawn mower along with 16 inches wide cutting reel. Its cutting reel has five durable blades made of hardened steel. So you can rest assured that it will last longer without requiring to be sharpened. You see, reel mowers like this one are the only choice for lawn management which are free of emissions. Thus, opting to one will surely lessen your carbon footprint.

Apart from its widespread cutting reel, the lawn mower with the bag is built to be as convenient and ergonomic as possible. It’s simple to keep and maintain running flawlessly, and its lightweight and compact for simpler maneuverability and storage. When we tried the Greenworks 25052, we found some excellent features which make it easy to use and convenient. Not just won’t never create any emissions, but it has one of the broader cutting reels you could get on a manual reel mower.


  • Zero emissions and no fossil fuels
  • 16 inches wide cutting reel
  • Ergonomically made handle
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The product doesn’t cut edges simply
  • Assembly is a bit complex
  • The rear bag isn’t well designed
  • It might struggle along with tougher types of grass
  • The lawn mower with bag might have a problem with the taller type of grass

A manual reel mower like this one provides a lot of benefits to anyone who has a smaller yard at home and who is anxious about their carbon footprint. The Greenworks 25052 also works well for those people who wish to save cash on their lawn care costs.

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  1. Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V Cordless Lawn Mower – Excellent Little Mower

The Sun Joe iON16LM lawn mower with bag is one of the cordless lawn mower available in the market today. It’s made to present good performance and efficiency to keep the cleanliness of the lawn. Made for small to mid-sized lawns, this product has an excellent construction that offers a generous functionality. Its assembly is effortless and can even be completed by beginners.

What we cherish about this product review is that it features a handle that is sturdy and strong enough, allowing you to hold it properly even under extreme mowing. Along with its adjustable and durable handle, maneuvering, storing and transporting of this lawn mower with bag is a simple task. Initiating the motor of this equipment is a hassle-free step as well. By pressing the green lock button and pulling the switch bag, you’re ready to clean your yard like a professional.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • All terrain wheels
  • Light
  • Brushless motor


  • Tallgrass weakness
  • Average battery life
  • Small cutting width

Finally, this lawn mower with the bag is an excellent little mower. Its maneuverability, easy operation, and compact design make it a stand out pick for small yards.

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  1. Greenworks PRO GLM801602 Cordless Lawn Mower – Eco-Friendly Pick

Eco-friendly and efficient, the Greenworks Pro GLM801602 lawn mower with bag is part of the GLM8011600 series which provides true performance and professional power. It is powered by the 80-volt Lithium Max Battery System, offering it true gas-powered performance, minus the maintenance and cost which gas tools need.

What our team love about this product is that the Greenworks brushless motor offers longer running time, more power and more torque, meaning less wear and tear and prolonging the life of the mower. What’s more, its adaptable 3-in-1 discharge abilities enables for side discharge, mulching, and rear discharge.


  • Short battery charging time (at least 30 minutes)
  • Wide 21 inches deck
  • Offers a lot of power


  • If you have a steep lawn, you might be better off getting a lawn mower which has this feature to make the task easier

To conclude, whether you have a regular or tough grass, this is the equipment to keep it looking great. There is no card, the battery will last for at last an hour, and the model is accessible with two if you wish to have one ready to go.

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Things You Should Look for a Lawn Mower with Bag

A properly selected lawn mower with the bag will be doing a wonderful job for your lawn for many years. Even if you’re not certain about your physical condition and the yard size, you must understand which feature and parts they have and of which of them are good for your needs.

Following are the things we considered when reviewing the best lawn mower with bag:


The majority of gas mowers are loud enough to need hearing protection. You will find some electric lawn mowers that are substantially quieter while the manual reel mowers are the quietest among all. Ultimately manual mowers are quiet enough to utilize any time of the day without disturbing your neighbors.


Blade brakes guarantee the blade and engine stop right away to avoid injury. You will find some lawn mower with a bag that has an override. It enables the user to turn off the blade while the engine remains working. Safety keys stop the motor from turning on when it is not in place.


The best lawn mower with the bag has approximately two years warranty on the mower. And most manufacturers offer that.


Did you know that a balanced lawn mower along with user-friendly controls and heavy-duty wheels can make the entire mowing much easier and faster? Even those self-propelled units must be transportable without engaging the engine. What’s more, big rear wheels could make for simpler handling over rough terrain.


The best lawn mower with bag provides a pristine cut. That means it can easily mow weeds and grass at an even height. Further, depending on the cutting models accessible, best mowers can disperse and mulch clippings without clumps, and it filled the bags without any clogging.



As amazing products, each lawn mower with bag reviewed in this post is quite efficient and of excellent quality. As such, the fittest choice will vary on the size of your yard and the height of your grass. This review only strives to help you so you can narrow down your list and pick the preferable unit.