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Shower heads are types of home fixtures that are seen as well as experienced on a daily basis. From the looks up to the functions, shower heads contribute to the overall style of the bathroom while at the same time providing more enhanced shower experience.

Contrary to your first impression, shopping for the best shower head is not as easy as you think. Nevertheless, buying these home fixtures is not something that you can do for yourself. But due to the existence of numerous sophisticated and modern shower heads, the task of buying has become challenging.

To ensure a successful and satisfying purchase, read on and be guided by the things discussed in this article.

Suggested Tips to Help You End up with the Right Shower Heads

Choose the Right Type or Variety of Shower Heads

Note that there are varieties of showerheads available in the market today so you need to choose the ones that suit your needs, your bathroom’s interior and your personal preference. The following are the most common varieties of shower heads selected from by homeowners:

  • Single-spray Showerhead-this is a traditional showerhead, and this comes standard in the majority of bathroom remodels. These types of shower heads are less expensive and often include an adjustable nozzle to later water spray patterns. This makes Single-spray showerhead highly customizable for various users.
  • Rain Showerhead-This suits modern and trendy bathroom remodeling concept and is known to imitate rainfall. These flat and large shower heads spread the same amount of water from conventional shower heads over a larger area that minimizes the amount of water pressure that hits the body.
  • Hand-held Shower Heads-These types of shower heads provide ultimate flexibility. These detach from the wall and also come equipped with longer hoses allowing users to rinse even hard to reach areas. These types of shower heads are ideal for seated showers or for individuals with limited mobility.
  • High Pressure shower heads – for those who like high pressure showers that also offer a great massage to your body.


  • Consider the Types of Installation

When buying shower heads, you also need to consider the installation types. Depending on your needs and the space and interior design of your bathroom, you can make a choice that is aligned with all these factors.

The first type is wall mount wherein wall mount shower heads directly extend from the wall through the flange or an arm. The arm styles come in different styles with offset, with standard or extended are the most popular. The ceiling mount, on the other hand, is the type that hangs directly over the head. Ceiling mount shower heads are installed from the ceiling which allows water to flow smoothly and evenly all throughout the body.

Choose the Right Style of Shower Heads that Complement Your Bathroom

There is really no one size fits all showerhead style choice because choices will depend on the type of bathrooms individuals have. The truth is, shape and style of showerheads will determine if these will complement and coordinate with modern or traditional bathroom. There are oval and round shower heads which are considered the most popular style wise and versatile. The square and rectangular shower heads are also available that are ideally suited for modern or contemporary bathrooms. These deliver the contemporary look and unique rainfall experience.

Keep all these pieces of information when buying shower heads and you will surely get started with transforming your bathroom that reflects your unique personal style. If thinking about purchasing new shower heads, you can also seek help from experts for they can give their excellent and reliable recommendations and can even help you with the installation of your shower heads. Most importantly, you need to take into consideration your exact needs and budget when buying shower heads.