5 Things to Look For When Buying a New Washing Machine                  

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Individuals from all walks of life can never escape the dirty laundry that is why; buying a new washing machine has become a common pursuit undertaken these days.

In specific calculations, there are actually about 150 different models of washing machines in the US alone. These models range from the standard front and top loaders, compact washers, all-in-one, one-off washer styles and more.

Within these broad selections of washing machines carrying different brand names, is it really possible to sift through all the available options and find the best one that really works? The answer to this is yes. Fortunately, there are ways and things to look for when buying a new washing machine, and by considering all these, you are sure to find the one that perfectly suits your needs, your space, and your budget.

Consider the Type of Washing Machine-Top-load or Front-Load?

This depends on the size of the space you have. If you have a small area, the front loaders are ideal for you since you can just stack the dryer on top. The size of your family is also another important thing to consider when buying a new washing machine as well as the amount of water that you will use. Front loaders usually use an average of 21 gallons for every wash cycle, but those belts drive an old school top loaders can use over 40 gallons for a single load, so you need to be guided accordingly. Also, you need to keep in mind that they use a smaller amount of water. But the front loaders usually run longer through regular wash cycles than any other.

Range of Cycles

Opt for washing machines that provide range of cycles starting from deep-cleaning up to the careful rinses for specific types of fabric. For individuals who wanted to get things accomplished quickly, they must find a washing machine offering a faster wash cycle but still ensures outstanding performance.

Pause & Add

If you are certain that you need a front-load washing machine, make sure that this comes with pause and add function. During the previous years, one of the inconveniences of the front-load washing machine is its inability to add more items as soon as wash cycle started. However, with some models, this is not the case.

Self-cleaning functions

Have you thought about cleaning the interior of the washing machine? Not many individuals actually do. Detergent and residues can build up on the tubs of top load washing machine. Units that therefore come with this function or feature allows good monthly clean so choosing this is a smart choice. By performing monthly clean, you will assist in keeping your machine in top condition and extending its lifespan as well.


Vibration and noise are also important factors when buying a new washing machine. The direct drive motors are said to be quieter and are more reliable as compared to traditional pulley system and belt. Also, there are minimal moving parts with direct drive motors. Therefore, less servicing is required.

Know the Machine’s Capacity

When buying a new washing machine, choose a model with the right capacity to perfectly suit the needs of your household. So you better get out of those scales and weigh your laundry. This helps you come up with an idea about maximum load and also where to get started when it comes to the size of the washing machine.

These are just a few of the many different things to look for when buying a washing machine. Having gone through all these, it will now be easier for you to effectively narrow down the options to available and end up with the best and most suitable washing machine.